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7th November 2016

Chilling Out In The Office

It’s began. Albeit slightly later in the year than expected, but it’s official. The battle has begun.

Anyone who works in an office will surely remember last year’s clash. The silent war between heating on, or heating off. Are you actually in charge of the window next to your seat? Or better still, the temperature of the radiator next to your desk?

Far from throwing a temperature tantrum, I, along with several other cold-blooded colleagues, have chosen to wear fingerless gloves (to still enable accurate typing, of course), scarves, and in extreme cases, microwavable beanies. The envy I feel for the short sleeved wonders of the room is unreal – how I wish I didn’t make endless cups of tea just to enjoy to warmth of the china mug.

So, what is the ideal office temperature? Whilst sipping a cocktail on a sunbed in the Bahamas might seem like the ideal office space for me, the best temperature for an office is actually between 16 to 24 degrees. Here is perhaps where the problem lies. With a range of 8 degrees how on earth can we come to an agreed level of comfort for all?

Perhaps I can have a word with the boss to downgrade my computer to one that frequently overheats? Maybe then I can remove my gloves and enjoy toasting myself on outdated hardware?

The magic word is indeed compromise. My owl office beanie is a welcome companion at my desk on chilly mornings, and making a cup of tea to defrost lets me stretch my legs and have a brief chat with other colleagues. So perhaps I should, excuse the pun, chill out. Some people will indeed be warmer than myself, but at least I can form a shivery bond with colleagues that feel the cold as well.

That said, I’m very aware of the radiator behind me… so watch the space! I’m sure it won’t be long before I crank the heat up, and I welcome every member of the office to my 42 degree bubble of paradise.

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