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19th July 2016

New – Price Extensions For Mobile Text Ads

Google is rolling out price extensions for mobile text ads. Using price information in ads can be very practical as it can help us avoid paying for clicks from visitors who would be not happy with our prices - it can save us money as well as deliver more relevant clicks. With price extensions people can easily compare prices in the mobile search results page. There are multiple rows underneath the ads which show prices. 

Creating Price Extensions

You can add multiple price extensions. Each item has a header, a description which is up to 25 characters long and a price and final url. Price can be qualified with a unit of per hour, day, week, month or year from the menu. You can schedule price extensions for limited-time promotions with start and end dates.

You must include a minimum of three entries for each extension, up to a maximum of eight. The more you add, the better. This extension can only be created in English. Price extensions link to your mobile site, so it’s important to make sure your site is mobile-optimized. You can add price extensions to an account, campaign, or ad group.

Useful Tips

  • Choose your extensions according to what people look for. For example, if people search for ‘house plants’, your extensions should show relevant information and list house plants showing their prices.  They also should be relevant to the keywords in an ad group.
  • If you do not have different urls for each row, it is not a problem. You can use the same final url for each product.
  • Your  description may be shortened for narrower mobile screens.
  • Keep in mind that your extension may also sometimes appear without the description.
  • Do not forget to keep your price extensions up-to-date.

For more information, visit the AdWords help page.

Here at SilverDisc we are excited about this new feature and looking forward to giving it a go.

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