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Sam Rose

11th February 2016

25 Ways To Get Repeat Business Online

I’m off to Birmingham on Friday evening to see Slipknot in concert again. I saw them for the first time in January last year, and I have seen some of my other favourite bands live three or four times. This has got me thinking about repeat customers, and what it is that makes a customer go back to a company to make a second (or third, or fourth) purchase. So here are 25 ideas for how your online business can generate repeat custom:

Quality Products or Services

1. Provide a quality product or service customers will love
2. Provide something unique customers can’t get anywhere else
3. Make sure customers are aware of your USPs by selling yourself really well on your website, social media and email marketing
4. Pay attention to the details – even something as simple as pretty packaging or a personalised note can make a product feel more special
5. Be dependable – give customers what they expect from you and keep sight of your core competencies

Great Communication

6. Remind customers to buy things when they "need" them, for example in the run up to Valentine’s Day
7. Predict when customers will need you again and remind them – for example if a customer has bought printer ink from you regularly, email them when you think it’s time for them to stock up again
8. Communicate with your customer throughout the entire buying process to increase trust and reassurance. You can do this by letting a customer know when their order has been processed and dispatched, or allowing them to track their package.
9. Resolve any problems during the transaction quickly and efficiently to turn a potential bad experience into a good one
10. Get personal with your follow-ups, for example by recommending a product based on your customer’s perceived needs or previous purchases
11. Gather feedback from customers, show that you value their opinions, and act on their comments
12. Be responsive with fast and helpful customer service via social media and email
13. Respond to any negative feedback quickly – comment on negative reviews so customers know you’re committed to providing a good service
14. Offer after-sales support if relevant so that customers can come to you for help with using their product


Great Deals

15. Offer packages or special offers on your customer’s next visit to entice them back
16. Reward your regular customers with offers and discounts

Great Online Experience

17. Remind customers you still exist with mailshots and marketing campaigns
18. Make everything easy for the customer – navigating your website, contacting you, and completing their transaction
19. Provide advice and information that helps your customers (and also shows off your expertise)
20. Show you care by sending birthday emails offering discounts or free gifts
21. Show gratitude – make your customer feel loved and important after completing a transaction
22. Think about your customers’ needs when writing copy for your website and marketing strategy – even on your About Us page, you need to show people why they should buy from you
23. Know your competitor, keep an eye on what they are doing in terms of online marketing, and strive to be better
24. Don’t give customers any reason to not come back to you – for example by having a buggy website with broken links or missing pages, or not being contactable
25. Stay up to date with industry news and trends to cater to your customers’ changing needs


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