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Sam Rose

6th January 2016

SilverDisc’s Top Ten Blog Posts of 2015

Happy New Year! It’s 2016 and the question on everybody’s lips is of course “What were the most popular blog posts on the SilverDisc website in 2015?” Let’s find out!

1. Are You Pinterested? - A Brief Introduction To Pinterest For Business
By Eddy, 6th August 2015
The most popular blog post last year was Eddy’s guide to Pinterest – what is it for, what are the benefits, and should your business be using it? If you’re not familiar with pins, pinboards and rich pins, click the link to find out more!

2. Five SEO Tasks You Can Complete Before Building Your Website
By Sam, 2nd April 2015
SEO begins before you’ve even started building your website. So if you’re already racing ahead, put the mouse down, grab a pen and take a look at my tips for great SEO website architecture.

3. Five Seconds to Impress Potential Customers Online
By Hannah, 23rd February 2015
Back in February Hannah explained the importance of making a good impression, and asked if your website would pass the five second test with impatient online shoppers. Make sure you’re doing everything right with her handy checklist.

4. Wear it Pink
By Jess, 23rd October 2015
In October the office turned a shade brighter for the day as we took part in the ‘Wear It Pink’ campaign from Breast Cancer Now, raising money for much-needed research. Read Jess’s blog to find out more.

5. 5 Ways to Make Mondays Better
By Jess, 19th October 2015
Monday can be tough, but with Jess’s suggestions you can try to make the beginning of the week a little more bearable. Might I also suggest easing yourself into the working week by first catching up with the latest SilverDisc blog post?

6. Google "Grow Local" Meet Up: How to Grow Your Business Online
By Nicola, 4th February 2015
SilverDisc’s Grow Local event included a keynote presentation and a Q&A session advising Northamptonshire businesses on how to increase their customer base using online marketing. Sign up to the SilverDisc newsletter to find out about our future events!

7. Better Call Saul: A Marketing Lesson From Saul Goodman
By Sam, 17th April 2015
If you’re a Breaking Bad fan and you’ve watched this spin-off show too, you may be interested (and perhaps a bit surprised) to find out how the wise words of Jimmy McGill, aka Saul Goodman, can be applied to online marketing.

8. ERDF Funding Provides Opportunity For SMEs To Improve Their Online Presence
By Neil, 21st August 2015
Earlier this year it was announced that small businesses could get their hands on a chunk of funding provided by the European Regional Development Fund. Read on to find out why you should spend money on a website if you don’t already have one, and how an online presence could prove to be invaluable to your business.

9. The Grass Is Greener On This Side Of the Office
By Lynda, 8th May 2015
In May Lynda made the move from SilverDisc’s content team to the greener pastures of GardenLines. She documented her exciting transition to the other side of the office in this blog post.

10. Coffee, Cake and Cash – all for Macmillan Cancer Support
By Jess, 29th September 2015
In September we were once again fundraising, this time taking part in Macmillan Coffee Morning. We raised an impressive £220.93 – take a look at Jess’s blog post to find out more.

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