Harry Perkins

Harry Perkins

21st December 2015

Feeling Festive At SilverDisc

It’s that sort of time of year again in the office, and if you remember from last year’s blogs, SilverDisc knows how to celebrate Christmas pretty well.

Christmas jumpers are an important accessory for the SilverDisc Christmas Feast. If you don’t acquire one before or on the day, you will have to scope around the IT department for a spare one or spend the day feeling slightly un-festive.

The jumpers lead the day onto the feast which happens around 11:30 - some could say it’s simply just elevenses. The feast is always pretty meaty, but this year there was also a large amount of cheese, and not just from the Christmas songs.

SilverDisc has always greatly appreciated and respected their clients but even more so their employees. And because of this, SilverDisc surprised everyone with a Ferrero Rocher Christmas present! Being a chocolate coated hazelnut with more nut embedded into the chocolate, these went down quite a treat and being Ferrero Rocher, they were presented immaculately.

After the distribution of the gifts, Santa (Alan) gave an annual speech to the SilverDisc employees letting them know the plans for next year, how the last year went, and just to say thank you to everyone for being such a team player. This ended with a few emotional tears and a round of applause.

It doesn’t stop there, because after getting chocolates, and then a motivational speech, Secret Santa snuck in and dropped a little something on everyone’s desk, which was a lovely way to finish the celebrations, I personally got some light up marble balloons and a Minion that’s eating a banana, I was very happy with these.

Not only did the feast last over a couple of days, but the Christmas jumpers will probably be saved for next year. Remember, this Christmas, you are able to recycle wrapping paper, Christmas jumpers, and even the big old tree! Re-use, repurpose and recycle!

Merry Christmas from SilverDisc, and Happy New Year!

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