Mary Mcgroary - Digital Marketing & Design Executive

Mary McGroary

19th June 2015

Recent Projects Round-up: Rapid Vehicle Repairs (RVR), Verditer Consulting and Daycare Journey

Our web development team has been very busy working on a few recent website launches.

All our new websites are responsive and designed to work and look great across desktop, tablet and mobile. Did you know that having a responsive website is now considered an SEO ranking criteria by Google? This came into play on April 21st this year.

Rapid Vehicle Repairs (RVR)

Based in Kettering, RVR are an accident repair centre specialising in same day repair. That means that when someone bumps into you (or you scrape your car on that rude bit of wall at the end of your drive) they can fix you up quick-sharp (or should that be Rapid?).

RVR has fantastic facilities which are keep immaculately clean. The level of pride they take in their facilities is also reflected in the standard of the work. It’s an impressive set-up and for the website we wanted to highlight the quality and range of work Rapid Vehicle Repairs do, therefore photos and videos were a key part of the website.


Verditer are a consultancy company that specialises in executive remuneration and pay and reward. Their brief was for a clean and clear looking website that reflects their professional approach.

We approached this by producing crisply rendered text and a clear set of accents. Additionally, to provide a subtle bit of movement to the site, we added an animated gradient on the header and footer areas.

Daycare Journey

Daycare Journey is a standalone product created by one of our clients called Redfish. Redfish specialise in nursery management software.  Daycare Journey is an easy to use app, which will benefit from having a dedicated site on the web to direct users to for help, contact, and of course, downloading the app itself.

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