Harry Perkins

Harry Perkins

22nd April 2015

4 Ways To Feel More At Home In The Office

It’s very important for you to have a suitable office working environment bearing in mind that you spend most of the day there. It’s good to feel at home. There are a few ways you can achieve this and hopefully it will make you feel more at home when at work.

Plants will make any environment better; this is due to the fact that they emit oxygen and decrease carbon dioxide levels. Especially in an office, this is a very good idea because there are a lot of people in a very small space. A beautiful green plant will help purify the air and give your working environment a bit more life!

Desk accessories can also make you feel more comfortable at work. Over the top tacky knickknacks can be fun to look at and a great conversation starter but personal items such as a picture or a small statue that means a lot can really make it feel like you have more of your own space and in the end, they will look nicer.

Doodled drawings and funny post-it notes can also be fun to leave about for people to read or to help share a joke, or even in serious cases, put your name on one to keep people off your slice of cake!

Personal furniture such as your own chair or your own lamp can help boost creativity and spur motivation. Feeling safe and comfortable in your work surroundings is important for your state of mind, so if you have a favourite office chair at home that you love so deeply, just ask the boss if you can use that instead! I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if they knew it would keep you happy and help you feel more comfortable.

There are many ways to help achieve a comfortable working environment so put your thoughts into practise and get a nice picture of your favourite place or even a beautiful exotic plant, because really... there can never be too many plants. 

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