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2nd January 2015

SilverDisc’s Top Ten Blog Posts of 2014

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic 2014. In today’s blog we take a look back at our most popular posts of last year.

1. A Sneak Peek at Stumper & Fielding’s New Website
by Louise, February 4th 2014
Louise is at the top with her blog post written at the beginning of 2014. This blog was an introduction to Stumper & Fielding’s new website and explains how our team work was put to great use whilst building this website.

2. Introducing Google AdWords Callout Extensions
by Sam, September 12th 2014
This blog introduced a new Google AdWords feature; callout extensions. Sam explained how the callout extensions work in a quick and simple way to give people a better understanding of this feature.

3. A Quick Guide to the Language of Doubleclick for Publishers and DFP for Small Businesses
by Chris, February 14th 2014
At number 3 is Chris’s very interesting blog about the language of DFP for small businesses and how all the elements fit together.

4. Review: Google AdWords Certification and Learning Centre
by Hannah, July 24th 2014
Hannah’s blog from July reviewed the AdWords certification process and the AdWords learning centre, it explained how you could achieve the certification and put your knowledge to the test.

5.Breaking Bad Online: A Marketing Lesson From Walter White

by Sam, August 22nd 2014
In this blog Sam talks about the hit TV series Breaking Bad but from a marketing perspective. In the post she gives simple tips to help you with marketing in a fun way by relating it to Breaking Bad.

6.PPC Analysis: Beyond Keyword Performance
by Louise, March 28th 2014
Back in March Louise wrote this blog to tell us all more about how to monitor keyword performance in an effective way to improve PPC performance.

7. Heartbleed Bug Exposes Millions Of Companies And Individuals To Massive Data Theft
by Neil, April 10th 2014
Neil wrote this blog back in April informing us all of the Heartbleed Bug that exposed millions of companies. This was a major problem and was potentially damaging companies and individuals.

8. Creating Content: Writing Effective Product Descriptions
by Sam, April 25th 2014
Now this was a very useful blog for everyone. Sam, at number 8, gave us useful tips on writing effective product descriptions and explained how important product descriptions are to your website.

9. This is how to celebrate 21 years of business
by Beki, July 15th 2014
At number 9 we have Beki’s blog describing what we did to celebrate 21 years of SilverDisc. There were two very exciting events that were held for this celebration. First was the Cruise to Bruges. Everyone in the office at SilverDisc boarded the Azure cruise ship for a weekend of fun and excitement. The next event was the family fun day held at Wicksteed Park. This was where the SilverDisc team, and their families, got together for a picnic.

10.New Responsive, E-Commerce Website for Thomas Farthing
by Beki, May 16th 2014
And last, but not least, Beki’s Thomas Farthing blog comes in at number 10. This blog introduced the new Thomas Farthing website and described what they do as a business and what we did to make their website.


2014 has been a great year for SilverDisc and we can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store. If you need help with anything in this brand new year then let us know!


Happy New Year!


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