Paul Saffery - IT Director

Paul Saffery

21st November 2014

Mobile Healthcheck Tool - New From Google


One thing is for sure: if your website is not mobile-friendly, it is not ideally suited to online marketing. Google is one of the largest sources of traffic for SilverDisc's clients - clients that have recognised SilverDisc's ability to make Google fall in love with their websites. One of the reasons for this is that, for the last few years, SilverDisc has only developed responsive websites - websites that adapt automatically to desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Google's New Mobile Healthcheck Tool

Google has recently launched a new tool: a Mobile-Friendly Test. It allows webmaters to check Google's opinion about the mobile-friendliness of their website. Several sources, for example this blog post, show how mobile and tablet browsing is about to overtake desktop. A key driver of Google's decisions is their focus on the user. Google doesn't want to send its searchers who are on mobile or tablet devices to websites where their user experience on those devices will be poor.

SilverDisc's Websites Pass the Mobile-Friendly Test

All websites developed by SilverDisc are responsive. They must be if we want our clients to succeed today and in the coming years. Here are a few examples of recent websites developed by SilverDisc that pass Google's mobile-friendly test:

All SilverDisc's websites are developed using the Drupal Content Management System, using responsive theming techniques. Our development practices align perfectly with those recommended by Google for Drupal developers.

If your website does not pass Google's Mobile Test, we invite you to Contact SilverDisc. We can definitely help you improve the way you engage with your audience, now and in the future.

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