Sam Rose - Head of Content

Sam Rose

12th September 2014

Introducing Google AdWords Callout Extensions

Google has come up with a new and potentially useful way for paid ads to take up more real estate on search engine results pages, in the form of callout extensions. These extensions allow you to highlight offers or unique selling points of your business at the bottom of your adverts to generate extra clicks. For example, you might want to mention that you offer free delivery, discounts, or price matching. Callout extensions are similar to sitelinks (only without the links), as they allow you to display another dimension of your business to give customers a fuller picture of your site and your offering. If used well, they could really make you stand out from the crowd.

If you feel somewhat restricted by the character limits in AdWords, callout extensions may be useful for pointing out any unique selling points you may not have been able to fit in your original ad, or that you would like to appear across multiple adverts.

The extensions can be added at account, campaign or ad group level, which is very useful as you may want to add an extension about your free delivery at account level, or tell people about your 20% off teddy bears on your toys ad group but not on your ad group for pushchairs. The more specific your callouts are, the better informed your customers are, which means you’ll get more relevant clicks and a potentially higher click-through rate.

There’s a 25 character limit for these, so they should be short and to the point, and tell people something new and enticing about your business that you haven’t already covered in your ads. However, like sitelink extensions, callout extensions won’t appear on your advert every time your ad is shown, so make sure that anything you think is vital for your audience to see is still written in your main ad text.

There’s no extra cost for callout extensions, so if you’re an AdWords user it’s worth having a play around to see if they do enhance your campaigns. Take a look at Google’s guide to callout text to find out more about how to set up callout extensions. Happy advertising!

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