Harry Perkins

Harry Perkins

14th August 2014

Just Have A Good Day

In life we all share moments together, whether they happen at the same time or the week after. Some moments are better than others, like getting a new cat, going out with friends or finding a lost treasure. But some moments really just suck, forgetting your lunch, missing the bus and double-dunking a biscuit and failing. But all in all, moments are what make you who you are.

Some days you might just feel going into work is not the best plan for your day, but those are the days where you need to clear your head of the negativity, and think of the good things that could easily happen at work or even try and create them!

So here are some handy tips on how to keep positive at work and your efficiency at a max:

  1. Create a team environment. It is always better to work hand-in-hand with your colleagues and create a team environment that you can complete an amazing website in.  This way you get to share the moment together knowing you all did something (little or large) to help push that site to launch, and share that moment of pride.
  2. Short breaks. After an hour or so you may have lost the motivation of working quite so hard. Take a short break, do a tea round or even just sit at your desk and have a think for a little bit! It is proven that short breaks can increase efficiency; especially if you go back to doing the same thing you were before the break!
  3. Bring in the goodies. Bring some home baked goods into the office, nip to the shop to grab a pack of biscuits or a fancy cake, or even a load of oranges. While everyone spends a communal five minutes hyping over the food they get put into a positive mind set to do solid work.
  4. Offer out drinks. Everyone at a work place is always up for a drink, so when you feel like you need a little break, go do a tea round. Communicating shortly with everyone asking what they would like followed by a moment to think in the kitchen while you’re making the drinks is a great way to keep people motivated to work!
  5. Quiet chats with colleagues. When you’re being social, time can fly without you knowing it. So IM or talk to someone every now and again while you’re working and you might find the day went better (and quicker) than you thought.
  6. Plants in the room. The more nature the better, plants have been proven to help an office environment by the gases they emit making the air feel fresh and clearing your head.
  7. Spend time with friends and family. Your most perfect moments will probably be with your friends and family. So make the chances of them happening more and be around them when you can. Enjoying the time you have with your friends and family gives you a better work-life balance, making both parts of your life better.

So however you feel, just make sure you know, it could be worse! Have a general positive attitude for every day, don’t be miserable because what is the point?

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