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24th July 2014

Review: Google AdWords Certification and Learning Centre

Are you at a loss with how to attract new customers to your website? Do you want to increase website traffic on top of your SEO efforts? Well do not fear! Google AdWords is here to help you. 

The internet can be seen as a great platform for advertising products and services, as organisations are able to show the most relevant results/products with paid advertising. With the amount of information readily available online, the return of results from a Google search engine result pages can be in their thousands and can be quite overwhelming. With all the information that can be provided in the searches, relevant results can end up being lost in the sea of search results.

Google AdWords

Google has a platform called Google AdWords that assists advertisers with their marketing in the Google Search Engine and its associate websites. Google AdWords is targeted and measurable, making it incredibly different from traditional advertising. Google enables you to tailor your adverts to ensure they reach the right people. As a result it means that the adverts are more relevant and people are more likely to click on adverts and convert.

Google has created an easy way to get up and running on AdWords, however, do not let this initial simplicity fool you! Google AdWords is incredibly sophisticated. There is an online learning platform available (Google Partners Help Centre), which allows users to gain a greater understanding of the complexities and also learn of the best ways to use the Google AdWords service.

Google Partners

To take advantage of Google’s Help Centre, you can join Google Partners which will give you access to learning materials. The Google Partners programme is specially designed to support agencies and web professionals who help advertisers with AdWords and other Google advertising solutions. Joining Google Partners means that you can access the latest product training, helpful study guides and also become certified for free in AdWords.

AdWords Certification

The AdWords certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate skill and expertise in AdWords. Getting certified in AdWords allows you to demonstrate that Google recognises you as an online advertising professional. Other benefits of being certified also include being able to demonstrate expertise and show potential clients that you are a certified online advertising professional with a personalised certificate.

The certification for AdWords allows you to test the knowledge you have acquired about the Google services. To achieve the certification you have to receive a pass rate on two exams including the fundamentals exam and one of the two advanced exams.

Google Learning Centre

Ok, now for the tricky part. The learning. The initial appearance of the website leads you to believe that the site is easy to navigate and that the information is digestible. However, once you read some of the information and click through links, you see that they then lead to more pages of material. Some of the main titles lead you to more than 3 sections that are then broken down into 20 more links of material. It almost seems never ending. At times I found that the amount of information provided can be a tad overwhelming and left me feeling like this…

I must say that this is quite an accurate portrait of myself at that moment in time.

Sorry, am I beginning to make this sound slightly painful? Well do not fear! There are ways to overcome the obstacles. I downloaded a PDF of all the material, which I found more useful. This makes the information more legible and avoids you getting lost in the copious amount of information. If you print out the PDF you can then make notes, however, the amount of paper that it uses is the size of a small forest, so do be warned! One of the downfalls to downloading the PDF is that some of the information does not seem to flow in an order. You can be learning the more complex sides to PPC before you learn the basics. However, if you do use the PDF it means you are able to easily refer back to sections, without having to trawl the links on the website and try and remember which link it could have been under.

If you are anything like me, reading tons of information can make you rather sleepy and so I would suggest watching the videos that accompany the material as it helps breaks up the content and gives your brain a tea break. I would say though that it would be beneficial for those that are kinaesthetic learners to play around with the Google AdWords interface whilst reading the material.

Overall, I was impressed with the AdWords learning centre. The study guides provided a lot of good content but there were countless policies and rules to remember. There was also a great deal of marketing jargon and so people who do not specialise in marketing might struggle with some of the terms. Some of the information will only be useful for agencies or on a very rare occasion anyone else, so it’s useful that you can come back to the learning centre as and when you need as you start to set up your campaigns.

My Steps to successfully using the Learning Centre:

  1. Grab a cup of tea or if you rather, coffee and get comfy!
  2. Have something to take notes with.
  3. Download the PDF
  4. As you are going through the PDF keep relating back to the AdWords Programme and try and do a few of the step-by-step examples to help you get used to the interface.
  5. Watch the videos to help break up the reading.

The learning centre is a tool that we use day in day out, so if you would like some help in getting started with AdWords, get in touch with SilverDisc and we’ll be happy to help!

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