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28th March 2014

Following on from the Google Analytics Fundamentals course back in October, Google recently ran their second Analytics course within the Analytics Academy; Google Analytics Platform Principles.

Moving on from the fundamentals covered on the last course, this course looked at Analytics in more depth, covering a wider range of topics and looking at the set up, management and reporting tools in greater detail. The course covered the implementation of tracking code, as well as explaining how to use dimensions and metrics to get the data needed for your reports.

This course built on the foundations covered in the last course, and whilst it did go in to more depth on some of the more technical aspects of Analytics, it still remains a broad overview. As previously, the course material was simple to follow, well structured and gave good insight on how to effectively manage an analytics account, and how to get the information needed out of the Analytics Account.

Moving on from here, the next qualification to look at would be the Google Analytics Individual (IQ) qualification, which is certainly more challenging, but well worth the time and effort to gain a deeper understanding of how Analytics can be used to get the most valuable information.

If you would like to know how to get the most out of your Analytics account, then feel free to get in touch with us at SilverDisc.

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