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Mary McGroary

10th January 2014

SilverDisc's Top Ten Most Read Blog Posts of 2013

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed 2013; let’s have a look back on our most popular blog posts of 2013.

1. How to Pass Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam
by Louise, September 7th 2012
Louise is still top of the class with her blog post written back in 2012. In this post Louise gives tips on how to pass the Google’s Fundamentals exam. However, whilst Louise's blog post has some great tips there have been a few changes to the exam since 2012 - the main difference being that it is now free!

2. 10 Ways to Improve Click Through Rates
by Lorna, March 22nd 2013
There are plenty of reasons why your click through rate (CTR) is important in a successful PPC campaign. A good click through rate normally means your ad is highly relevant to potential customers. Lorna gives you 10 very useful tips on simple ways to improve your CTR.

3. Analytics Under Attack: Google’s Evil Unethical to Move Remove Referrer Data
by Alan, October 19th 2011
Written all the way back in 2011 this is still a hot topic over two years later.

4. Website Headers and Footers – Why they are important and what include in them
by Nicola, April 13th 2013
Headers and footers are two elements of a website which will be the same on every page, and whilst they may not be the most exciting part of a website, they are extremely important. You need to think carefully about them, they will play a significant role in the success of your website.

5. Four Positives and Three Negatives of New AdWords Enhanced Campaigns
by Mary, March 1st 2013
Last spring Google made some big changes in AdWords. They introduced Enhanced campaigns, which whilst it had a few down sides, these were outweighed by the upsides. Since spring we have seen some positive results with enhanced campaigns.

6. URL Canonicalisation and Normalisation
by Alan, 28th February 2009
Last year's number 9 blog post has gone up in our top ten. It is an oldie but a goodie. Alan is an SEO expert so it is no surprise that a blog written in 2009 is still getting a lot of views. If you want to get in-depth and technical about SEO please give us a call to see how we can help.

7. Top Three Things That Excite Me About Drupal 8
by Marc, 2nd August 2013
Marc, our resident Drupal enthusiast and programmer, who joined the team early this year, talks about how exciting Drupal 8 is. While the rest of us may not quite feel the same, Drupal is an amazing platform with great potential and a strong future. If you want to learn more read Marc’s blog post. I am sure he will write a new one when Drupal 9 comes out, not before the rest of us are bored of hearing about it of course.

8. How to Search Google Like a Pro – 10 Tips and Tricks
by Louise, 21st December 2012
Now this is a useful blog for everyone. If you use Google search every day, and you don't know these tips - you're about to feel like its Google search Christmas.

9. Making Sense Google AdSense Part 2: Managing the Good the Bad and the Ugly
by Chris, 22nd February 2013
This blog post is part of Chris’s 3 part series on AdSense. Chris is our Head of Content and resident AdSense expert. You can start from the beginning here: Making Sense Of Google AdSense Part 1

10. Responsive Website Development Using A Mobile First Strategy
by Andrew,18th February 2013
This Christmas saw great sales figures for online retailers across the board, mobile and tablets being key to online success. At SilverDisc we design and build responsive websites, which means you get one website that work across desktop, tablet and mobile.

2013 has been a great year at SilverDisc, we have created many successful PPC campaigns, helped new SEO clients and built some beautiful websites. We also welcomed some new additions to the SilverDisc team. We will be launching several new websites early this year, so watch out for blog post on our website launches. If there is anything we can help you with in 2014, whether is it SEO, website design or online advertising please get in touch.

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