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6th December 2013

Don't Get Snowed Under This Christmas

Yesterday someone put a large tree up in the middle of the SilverDisc office. This, plus the seemingly endless supply of mince pies on the official cake table (yes, we have one) and the ever present threat of tinsel can mean only one thing. We are fast entering the Christmas period, which as I'm sure you are aware, is one of the busiest times of year for those in the marketing industry.

I wanted to take a few moments today to give a little insight into how I organise my workflow to avoid (please pardon the pun) being "snowed under" at this time of year

I am a huge fan of record keeping, and find that on many occasions I will be asked "how long will this job take?" The problem is, that with all the best will in the world, as developers we often work on many projects asynchronously and fathoming out exactly how long one spent on X, Y or Z is sometimes difficult. It is for this reason that my first weapon of choice is toggl.

Put simply, toggl is a stop watch. It allows you to assign clients, job numbers and project hierarchy, which often comes in useful when asked how long a certain job will take, as i simply find a similar job that has been completed previously and check how long I spent on it.

Time tracking is fantastic, but somewhat retrospective, and without a robust ticket tracking system you will rapidly find yourself entering the frustrating world of "colour coded emails". If you're still working this way then for the sake of your own sanity stop. There are plenty of ticketing systems out there that are free. These range from simple "to do list" types through to proper project management systems - a quick search in google will return some options for you.

Finally, we have the "Priority Board". This is simply a whiteboard in the office, upon which the job queue for a given day is written in order of priority. Whilst this information is available within our project management software, having the board means that anyone can see at a glance where their project is in the current list and it allows our marketing people to provide realistic and up to date lead times to our clients.

Finally, communication is key, and I have always been of the opinion that a proper conversation is vastly superior to email ping pong. This is another reason I like working for SilverDisc so much; everyone has the same attitude towards effective communication & is really passionate about getting the job done in the most efficient, professional manner possible.

Until next time.

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