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Paul Saffery - IT Director

Paul Saffery

14th June 2013


SMS messages are a widely available communication means. They don't interrupt your clients like a phone call would do, they are short and direct which means your clients are more likely to read them compared to an email, they don't go into a SPAM folder, and are very reasonably priced. For all these reasons, SMS is an excellent option when it comes to delivering timely notifications, offers or reminders to your clients.

This blog post explains uses of SMS messages when engaging with clients, describes SilverDisc's platform for SMS Marketing, and shows a few use cases that have made the difference when it comes to customer satisfaction.


Here are a few examples where you might want to use SMS notifications or alerts:

  • Service renewal notifications
  • Special offers
  • Prompt clients to read and reply to an email/letter
  • Alerts for service limit about to be reached
  • Website performance and content alerts

Use Cases

1. Power Loss Alerts

One of our clients has a datacentre equipped with a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). If the power goes down, the UPS automatically sends an email to the client. The problem is that the client will be cut off from their email server shortly after the power has gone down (the UPS only supplies power for a few minutes and triggers a smooth shutdown of the equipment), denying them access to the warning email. Therefore, the client is likely to be unaware of the failure.

We have come up with a solution that sends an SMS to the client, as well as an email. The client's UPS sends an email to SilverDisc's servers, which triggers a script that sends an SMS to the client using our SMS solution. The SMS alerts can be sent to more than one phone number.

2. Renewal Alerts

One of our clients sells insurance. We have devised a system that allows them to provide a feed of SMS's to be sent to customers, alerting them their policy is due for renewal.

3. Alert when website has gone down or is under attack

SilverDisc monitors our client websites, some of which are on our own servers and some of which are hosted by our clients. We monitor several aspects of specific web pages. If variables go out of range, we can send ourselves and/or our clients SMS alerts.

Features of the SilverDisc SMS System

1. Private: No need to disclose your list of contacts

Many SMS Marketing Providers require you to upload your list of contacts to their servers. We don't. With us, the minimum information you need to provide is the same as if you were manually sending an SMS, that is, a phone number and the message text.

2. Scalable: Batch or One-Off

Our system allows either batch uploads of SMS's or sending the odd one off message. One-off messages are typically needed if you want to contact a client urgently due to a specific condition that applies only to them.

3. Traceable

Wonder what happened to those SMS's you sent? Our flexible reporting system will tell you the status of each individual message you have entered, you are also able to obtain filtered reports by date range and/or status, and you are able to download these reports into a spreadsheet, so you can analyse, share and discuss with your team and stakeholders.

4. Integrated into your website

If you have a Drupal website developed by SilverDisc, we can integrate the SMS management into your website administration panels, so that access is constrained to your website's userbase and permission settings.

5. Extensible

SilverDisc is very strong when it comes to software development. If you have very specific needs when it comes to integrating our SMS technology to your back end systems, or if you would like to explore extending our technology to be compatible with a specific SMS provider, we are very likely to be able to help.

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