Lorna Wills - Head of Client Services

Lorna Wills

9th May 2013

Get More from Your Bing Campaigns

It’s easy to concentrate solely on your AdWords PPC campaigns, and who can blame you when it’s Google that delivers the volumes and conversions?

Bing is often forgotten about, and Bing PPC campaigns are frequently neglected, but with advertisers reporting increased volumes, lower CPCs and better ROIs, perhaps they deserve a bit more attention? Here are some new features you could utilise to get more from your Bing campaigns, and some shouldn’t take too long to implement either.

These have been available in AdWords for what feels like forever now, but they have only recently been available for all advertisers on Bing. We all know the positive effect sitelinks have on CTRs so why not implement them in your Bing campaigns?

Remember sitelinks are ideal for taking people to deeper, more relevant parts of your site. They are also great for highlighting special offers or deals, and some advertisers use them as additional lines of ad text too.

Rich Ads in Search (RAIS)
It is worth speaking to your account manager to see if you’re eligible to have Rich Ads within your Bing account. See the below example of a Rich Ad in Search (RAIS):

Rich Ads like this one need to be in a campaign of their own, and are only eligible to show for keywords that include your brand term – for example “Churchill Car Insurance”. Advertisers tend to see higher CTRs for these Rich Ads. You will need to talk to your account manager to get started with this as you cannot create them yourself within your account.

Business Location
You can now include your business phone number and/or location as part of your Bing ad:

This will be available for everyone sometime soon. They work in a similar way to Google’s Call and Location ad extensions, and will undoubtedly help searchers find what they want.

Device Targeting Remains in Your Control
There has been uproar recently over Google’s Enhanced Campaigns, and the diminished ability to be able to target PCs/laptops, tablets and phones separately. Bing announced that despite Google’s changes, their advertisers will still be able to target devices separately. This will be good news to those who have a website that is functional on a tablet device, but less so on a mobile.

If you want help getting more from your Bing spend then get in touch!


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