SilverDisc's Top Ten Most Read Blog Posts of 2012

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| 4th January 2013
Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed 2012; let’s have a look back on our most popular blog posts of 2012.
1. How to Pass Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam – by Louise, September 7th 2012
Despite only being published in September Louise is well a head with her blog post on how to pass the Google exam. Louise is top of the class when it comes to passing Google exams, achieving 100% in her fundamentals, so if you need some good tips her blog post is well worth a read. 
Here at SilverDisc our PPC team members are AdWords qualified, so if you would like your account to be managed by a qualified expert please get in touch.
This was a hot topic in 2011; however it still manages to make it to number two of our most read blog post in 2012.  
If your website is not performing as well as you hoped, here are a few tips on how you can improve your product pages.
Facebook timeline was a hot topic last year; it was launched on the 30th March 2012. Here at SilverDisc we were excited about the changes and the opportunity to make the most of photos and highlight important posts. If you are a brand, making the most of Facebook is important; it is a free tool that connects you to your customers. Please have a read of Claire’s blog post; it is full of useful tips.
5. Location Insertion in Google AdWords – by Louise, 30th March 2012
Location insertion was a new feature added last year. For those of you who have multiple locations and are currently using location extensions, location insertion can be very useful. It inserts locations in to your ad text based on the content of your location extensions. Louise explained the ins and outs and how to use location insertion in her blog post.
There are a lot things to think a about if you want to make the most of your email marketing campaigns. Lorna has spent many years managing retail client's Email marketing campaigns, so if anyone knows what to look out for, it's her. In her blog post she gives an outline of what you should be thinking about when creating an email campaign, everything from data and content through to testing.
Many of you will already know the importance of the Smartphone market especially if you are a local business such as a restaurant or shop. If you are advertising on AdWords you should be thinking about smartphone and mobile targeting options. 
Bounces rate is a popular metric to look at when trying to improve a site, however there are occasions when a high bounce rate is normal or even expected, before you panic have a read to see if the reasons are relevant to your site.
9. URL Canonicalisation and Normalisation – by Alan, 28th February 2009
Alan is an SEO expert so it is no surprise that a blog written in 2009 is still getting a lot of views. If you want to get in-depth and technical about SEO please give us a call to see how we can help.   
10. News from Google AdWords – April 2012 - by Louise, 27th April 2012
April saw a lot of new features in AdWords, Louise briefly summaries the changes in our tenth most read blog post of 2012.  
If you are making any New Year Resolutions, please feel free to get in touch and see how SilverDisc can help you make 2013 a great year.

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