Increasing Ecommerce Product Page Conversion Rates: Quick Tips

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| 13th April 2012

If you’re working hard to deliver visitors to your site with well targeted keywords and compelling ads but aren’t seeing sales happen then your ecommerce product pages might be in need of some TLC!

Having well optimised product pages means you give yourself the best chance of making the sale. We’ve got tons of tips for you on how to improve your ecommerce product pages. Implementing just a few changes could see your conversion rate improve.

Clear Call to Action
I know this sounds obvious but you’d be surprised at how well hidden some sites’ call to actions are. Make sure yours is clear and that the language you use on the button clearly describes what you want the shopper to do. Button text like “Buy Now” or “Add to Basket” is used worldwide for the simple reason: it works!

An example of a hidden call to action can be seen below:


Make the Most of Images

  • Use high quality product images. Pixelated images look unprofessional and could put people off your site and your products
  • The ability to zoom in and out of images is very useful. For example, if you were buying a wedding dress online you’d want to be able to zoom into an image to view the crystal detailing on the bodice. You may be surprised to hear that many wedding dress shops do not offer this functionality!
  • Use images to display your products in context. For example:
    • Show someone holding the hedge cutter you’re selling. This will give a clearer indication of its actual size
    • Show the dining table you’re selling fully laid out for a meal. This will bring it to life and make it easier for the shopper to picture the table in action!
    • Put the clothes or shoes you’re selling on a person with other items of clothing. This shows how an outfit might be put together. It may also encourage more purchases
  • Offer 360° product view functionality. At the very least show images of your products from all angles
  • Consider asking customers to send in their own images of products they’ve bought in use in exchange for vouchers or a prize. You’ll have more product images on file and other shoppers will be reassured that people are buying from you.

Product Descriptions & Info

  • Make product descriptions unique where possible. Standard manufacturer descriptions can sometimes be uninspiring and are also likely to be used in multiple places elsewhere on the web
  • Describe features of your products alongside the advantages they pose. For example:

POOR: Aluminium outdoor dining table with six armchairs
GOOD: Relax outdoors with this contemporary, aluminium outdoor dining table which comes with six armchairs. This stylish garden furniture set is perfect for al fresco dining this summer
POOR: Petrol lawn mower. 32.5kg with 41cm cutting width
GOOD: This unique petrol lawn mower weighs in at a very light 32.5kg making it easy to manoeuvre in even awkward spaces. The generous 41cm cutting width means you’ll have the lawn mowed in no time at all

  • Look at users’ reviews of your products. You’d be surprised at what interesting points they’ll make about the product(s) you’re selling that even the manufacturer doesn’t know or promote
  • Think about what questions customers ask themselves before buying your product. Work the answers to commonly asked questions into your product descriptions
  • Include all sizing and/or weight information
  • If your product is compatible with other products then detail this. An example might be a solar powered phone charger – detail all of the mobile phones/devices this is compatible with
  • Include size guides where relevant. If you are a UK retailer marketing to US customers show comparable sizes, e.g. a UK size 12 is a US size 10

Instil Confidence

  • Returns policy - make sure this is easily accessible from the product page and that it is easy to understand
  • Delivery details – make sure these are accurate and show costs where applicable along with estimated delivery times
  • Link to customer reviews of your brand. Positive reviews from real people count for a lot

Cross Sell
Increase customer satisfaction and the value of an average shopping basket by cross-selling. For example, if you’re selling a laptop then offer anti-virus software as an optional added extra. You should also suggest other products people may like to buy that are similar to the product they’re looking at. If they then do not want the initial product there’s another option ready and waiting for them.

Reduce Fuss
If you have too much going on on your product page you risk confusing your shopper leaving them frustrated and ready to hit the browser back button. ASOS have good product pages which has the important information presented clearly but without too much fuss:

 Clear USPs

  • If you offer free delivery on everything make sure this is clearly visible
  • If you are offering 10% off everything make sure this is clear

Star Ratings & Reviews
If you have these for your products then display them clearly. Don’t hide your happy customers’ reviews away under a ‘testimonials’ menu link that’s out of sight.

Most Important Information First
Make sure you feature important information first on your product page. The information that must be clear can include the price, delivery information and the key product information which will be specific to your product vertical.

Social Sharing Buttons
Having Facebook ‘Like’ or a Google +1 buttons on your product pages works well on multiple levels. If people have already shared your product these numbers are likely to be visible – this instils confidence. Sharing products via social media also offers other benefits including increased brand awareness and SEO advantages.

If you’d like more information on improving your ecommerce conversion rate then get in touch!

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