Alan Perkins

Alan Perkins

14th September 2007

How much PageRank does a page that is not in the index have?

Wouldn't it be treated like a dangling link and disregarded during PageRank calculations?

Apparently not. Matt Cutts states on seomoz:

Does a link from a page with meta robots="noindex, follow" carry less weight? no weight? For Google, I believe such links would carry the same weight as normal links on regular pages.

Hmmm. Does he mean that the unindexed page actually has a PageRank? Or does he mean that the zero Pagerank that the unindexed page has would be divided out among the links on the page, giving nothing to each? I wonder ...

One thing's for sure ... if "NOINDEX, FOLLOW" works as implied, it's a great way to inject spammy content and links.

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