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Analytics & Reporting Services

If you're not measuring, then you're not really marketing. We'll set up analytics that allow you to make informed decisions about your marketing channels and messages, your website platform and content and the products and services that you offer. Actionable analytics - so obvious, yet so few do it well.

Take control by understanding your website visitors better; understanding why they take the actions they take, or leave. We're here to help you make better business decisions based on real data. We help you collect and collate your data into actionable and meaningful results. With this data we can make suggestions for website and marketing improvements. We can track and report every facet of success. Study your site with SilverDisc and grasp a real understanding of the direction you should be taking your company online.

SilverDisc has given us added value. Their skill, knowledge and adaptability, along with their excellent reporting, gives us complete confidence as we grow our business.
With the SilverDisc team handling our £2.1 million Internet marketing budget we are able to see their daily results which allows us to monitor and maximise our spends in an ever-changing market place.

 Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman, Be Wiser Insurance

Keep Ahead Of The Curve

Spot anomalies

You can often see the direction of trends when you have a keen eye on your data that can separate the incoming trends from simple outliers. Work with us to keep your business ahead of the curve.


Make Informed Choices

Base your decisions on facts

Be informed. Get better information, a deeper look at what your site is doing online and what you need to be doing to help improve it. We're here to turn the data we collect from your online visitors into actionable business choices.


Understand Your Customers

Get inside their minds

Get to know your customers - and you might even discover some you didn't know you had! We can find out how you customers act, and why they do what they do when they interact with your brand online. With our help you can work out why customers make the choices they do, and how to improve your online performance.


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