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Affiliate Marketing

We manage real business relationships to create innovative and effective advertising campaigns. Pay for performance and work together to improve trust.

Affiliate marketing can help your business grow through cost-per-action deals with other websites. Promote your business to likeminded customers across the web, and sell more, through affiliate deals.

Using affiliate networks, SilverDisc will manage your advertiser relationship with affiliates, obtain you better deals and protect your brand's best interests.

Whether you want to generate leads or increase sales, you can be assured that with pay for performance affiliate marketing, SilverDisc will help you achieve your aim.

We have, for many years, employed SilverDisc as our online marketing agency (allowing them to manage all aspects of our online marketing) and we have always found them to be a valuable business partner who has helped grow our business into a multi-million pound turnover one. We would have no hesitation in recommending SilverDisc to other businesses.

 Andrew Dunkerley, Marketing Director, Be Wiser Insurance

Pay for Performance

You choose how much to pay

You decide how much each lead or sale is worth to your business and pay only when you receive new leads or sales via your affiliates. Used alongside other online marketing techniques, affiliate marketing is a great way of extending your brand’s reach whilst minimising costs.


Reliable Relationships

Choose the partners you work with

Based on your marketing objectives, we will offer recommendations about which affiliates are best suited to your target market. Alternatively, we can make the decisions on your behalf. Working with partners you trust and can rely on puts you in a strong position for running a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

Total Management

Leave it all to us!

We look after every aspect of your affiliate marketing campaigns. From creating banners, to writing campaign synopses, to determining commission payments, we’ll do it all. And, each month we’ll send you a detailed report so you know exactly how your campaign is performing.


  • Why Choose SilverDisc ...

    Attentive & Professional
    We listen and we mean business
    Drive & Energy
    We relentlessly pursue our clients' goals
    Friendly & Sharing
    We'll go out of our way to help solve problems
    Ethical & Honest
    We give the best advice to protect your brand
    Smart & Precise
    We work intelligently, with attention to detail
    Innovative Thought Leaders
    We challenge accepted thinking

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