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SilverDisc's Top Ten Most Read Blog Posts of 2013

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed 2013; let’s have a look back on our most popular blog posts of 2013. Read More...

Google Ad Grants

An Introduction to Google Grants

Did you know that Google’s donation programme, Google Grants, allows non-profit organisations to advertise through AdWords free of charge? Read More...

A Really Short Guide To rel="publisher"

A Really Short Guide To rel="publisher"

We've all heard of the Google authorship mark-up, in fact you've probably seen it in the wild - someone's tiny portrait beside their blog post. Read More...

Analytics Killed

With 100% Not Provided, Google Kills Organic Search Traffic Report

Google turns 15 today and they’re making a small fuss about it, with things like a birthday piñata game on their home page, the ability to see Google as it looked in 1998 and the launch of a new Google company timeline. Read More...

Optimise YouTube Video Content

Optimise YouTube Videos With These Five Tips

It can take a considerable number of hours, and a decent budget, to put together good videos to post to a YouTube channel. The chances are you’ve created videos to help your customers make informed purchases, or perhaps your videos help people who have bought your products get the most out of them. Read More...

AuthorRank and Authorship: What Is It?

AuthorRank and Authorship: What Is It?

Over the last few months there's been some fuss about the implementation of "authorship" by Google - and what it all might mean in the long run. We thought it would be worthwhile talking about what Google is doing about "Authorship". Read More...

Mo' Panda Mo' Problems

Making Sense Of Google AdSense Part 3: Panda Problems

You may remember the webmasters of the world getting in a bit of a tizz over a panda. It wasn't a panda that refused to reproduce and create more cute, sneezing baby pandas that the tech world was up in arms about, instead it was a Google algorithm change which dented the rankings of a fair few sites across the web. Still none the wiser? Not sure how it relates to Google AdSense? Read More...

10 Ways to Improve Click Through Rates

10 Ways to Improve Click Through Rates

There are plenty of reasons why your click through rate (CTR) is important. The obvious one is that a better CTR means more clicks on an ad. CTR also plays a big part in AdWords’ quality score calculations too, and the better your quality score is the less you’ll pay for clicks. Bearing the above in mind, this week’s blog post gives you ten tips on how to improve your CTR. Read More...